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Youmanizing the shopping experience
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The holy grail of raising conversion rates and AOV
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Distraction-free Shopping
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Dynamic Optimized Pricing
Why give everyone 30% off? The Dynamic Optimized Pricing model creates the rightprice™ at the right time. Customer A is a loyal customer who will take the deal at 20% savings. Customer B is brand new, so the suggested savings could be slightly more or less.

Inventory Reduction System
No more liquidation. Manually or API-connected, the Click Deal Buy! AI-Inventory Management system helps Merchants of any size turn inventory faster and more annual turns without selling out.

Hyper-Personalized Product Recommendations
Give your shopper true hyper-personalized products they first and foremost desire. Need over want. No more “what others bought”.
The Holy Grail of raising conversion rates
The Holy Grail of increasing both the conversion rate while increasing the AOV
Distraction-free Shopping
Coupons and codes are removed
Everyone wants a good deal. Give them an engaging deal with no distractions.
The Click - Click on one or many products.
The Deal - Click on a “trigger” to activate a Deal.
The Buy! - Click on the instant Buy! button.
The DealFactory®
Turning data into sales.
The heart of AI increasing sales using secured and approved personalized data to create the unlimited possibilities.
Home of the original “Certified Best Deal”
Merchants passing certified requirements can offer our exclusive “Certified Best Deal” stamp and beat Amazon and other competitors.
Introducing E2Ccommerce™
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Click Deal Buy!

Combing ecommerce and commerce in one platform where shoppers get offers both online and instore.

Distraction-free Shopping

Distraction-free shopping typically refers to a shopping experience that minimizes or eliminates distractions: allowing consumers to focus solely on the products they are interested in purchasing. No shopper likes those distractions from coupons and codes that don’t work, or annoying popups and so many others. The shopper journey is already hard enough. We create a seamless and straightforward shopping process that reduces interruptions and enhances the customer’s ability to make informed decisions.

Be part of the evolution of shopping and the disruptive way of selling products and services.

Integrated Software Solutions for any size or type of business. See what Click Deal Buy! can do for you. Sign up for our DEMO today.